III Architecture Biennale of Pisa “Tempodacqua – Timeofwater”

Pisa Architecture Biennale

The 3rd Edition of the Pisa Architecture Biennale opened its doors on Friday 22nd November at the Arsenali Repubblicani and other locations around the city of Pisa, Italy. With the theme ‘Tempodacqua’ (‘Time of Water’) and the artistic director Alfonso Femia, appointed by LP -Laboratorio Permanente per la Qualità Urbana, the exhibition will run for ten days with events and talks dedicated to the architecture of ‘Tempodacqua’.

Internationally renowned architects are exhibiting a selection of fifty projects, all based on this year’s theme. The Biennale addresses the theme of water and sustainability, and as underlined by its director, the choice of this theme does not mean simply selecting from a wide range of projects related to the most current trends and debates, but rather deepening the responsibility of the project by imagining scenarios and configuring new solutions.

Water is therefore seen as “the founding act of everything that belongs to us. The aim is not only to raise awareness and create awareness on the theme ‘Tempodacqua’ (Time of Water), but to develop concrete ideas to help change the imagery of change”. Matteo Cainer Architecture’s contribution to the exhibition consists of two projects both of which use water as a design element contributing to the discourse at different scales.

Sant’Antonio Musicale in Trieste, Italy as a more urban and civic project, while Birnbeck Island in Weston-super-Mare, UK as a more individual and personal approach to water and the sea. Both projects contribute to the wider on-going discourse of designing in harmony with nature and using nature as an element of design. It is important that projects are alive, that they can breathe and have the capacity to change and adapt to nature itself. Source by Pisa Architecture Biennale.

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