Mixed-use tower in Saint-Étienne by Petitdidierprioux

tower in Saint-Étienne

Raised on a small plot off Rue Cugnot in Saint-Étienne, this building is a solid 16-floor structure designed to house flats, offices and retail stores and to be operated at significantly reduced cost. The energy bill for residents will amount to €0.

The building’s energy balance is positive thanks to around 1,400 m2 of solar panels on the facades and roof, a rainwater harvesting system for use, and a “triple-flow” hybrid ventilation solution. The project also makes use of the so-called ‘Flexi Floor’ hybrid flooring technology, made from wood and low-carbon concrete, offering the flexible use of office/residential space. Source by Petitdidierprioux.

  • Location Saint-Étienne, France
  • Architect: Petitdidierprioux Architectes
  • Contractor: Elithis/Egidia
  • Program: Reversible mixed-use tower of 60 social housing units, offices and shops. Positive energy building
  • Calendar: Delivery 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of Petitdidierprioux