CDF Mall II by Benoy


The Sanya CDF Mall Phase II (CDF Mall II) is a pioneering mixed-use commercial development located on Hexin Island in Haitang Bay. Haitang Bay is a stunning tourist destination in China, offering world-class yachting, luxury five star hotels, and gorgeous natural surroundings. Benoy is delighted to have collaborated with the China International Travel Service (CITS) for the development of Phase II.

Benoy is pleased to have delivered world-class masterplanning and architecture design for Phase II. Benoy’s vision was to bring an entirely new tourism experience to Haitang Bay that combines retail, entertainment and leisure into a comprehensive and transformative development – the first and only development of this type in Hainan province.

The first phase, a highly successful shopping centre, has been seamlessly integrated with the newly-opened Phase II via a pedestrian bridge that overlooks the beautiful surrounding landscape. The overall project is poised to enhance the reputation of Haitang Bay as an unmissable tourist destination.

Iconic roof canopies
The design of Phase II is inspired by Hainan’s spectacular pearls and seashells. The Hainan pearl, also known as the South Sea pearl, is produced by the Akoya pearl oyster. The roof canopies of the resort mimic the smooth, rounded appearance and alluring radiance of large South Sea pearls, which give them a distinctive and captivating appearance.

The roof canopies also provide environmental benefits by maximizing air circulation and providing sun shading to temper the humid local conditions. They furthermore give protection against strong wind and rain during the typhoon season. Juxtaposed with Phase I which resembles the Haitang flower native to Sanya, Phase II’s commercial complex visually echoes sea shells embedded in the sand. Both Phases interpret with synchronicity the natural surroundings of Hainan province and culminate in a visually stunning spatial experience.

Four major themes enhance the user journey
Phase II presents four different themed areas, namely lifestyle, sports, culture, and seafood, which are all masterfully curated to offer a holistic customer experience. The lifestyle area houses a premier shopping arcade whilst the adjacent sports area includes various well-known sports brand stores. The cultural area will play host to events and performances, and the seafood area incorporates a seafood market and a diverse range of dining amenities. Every step reveals a new theme and a unique discovery, making each visit a rich, varied and singular experience.

Dynamic nightlife
Phase II offers dynamic night time activities, including a spectacular water fountain light show and a radiant LED Tower that illuminates the evening sky. Enhanced by attractions that amplify local nocturnal charm, Phase II is a must-visit destination for visitors both day and night.

Contrasting inner and outer elements
The project features a large variety of outdoor green spaces nestled at the heart of Hexin Island. The harmonious contrast between the calm, lush outdoors and the hive of commercial activity creates a fascinating composition of nature and urban typology. Benoy and CITS take immense pride in elevating the prestige of Haitang Bay through the development of Phase II, which sets a defining benchmark for mixed-use design in the region. Source and images Courtesy of Benoy.

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