Klouboucká lesní Headquarters by Mjölk architekti

Klouboucká lesní

Kloboucká lesní is a firm that is continually paving the way towards a sustainable forestry. It finds inspiration in the ways of our ancestors but also boldly explores new technological approaches and possibilities. In a field that is not commonly associated with innovation or bravery, the company makes its way as a progressive and creative one.

The new company headquarters is to represent these values. The building is also a supportive example for the wood-based architecture and creative usage of timber as building material. The timber industry is going through turbulent changes due to major shifts in climatic conditions. Company headquarters therefore has to be a flexible space, ready for advancements and change.

We design places for creative work, research and innovation. The building is conceived as a case, given by the structure, and spaces inside are adjustable with reserves for an unexpected expansion. The building is designed as to point in the direction of building of the future. Sustainability, simplicity and austerity are combined with cutting-edge technology.

The whole thing is surrounded with nature, foliage and water. The loadbearing structure is built exclusively out of materials created on company production line less than a hundred meters away. It is the oldest and plainest material – wood. But the means of production are highly contemporary. Used are BSH profiles – the flagship product of the company.

These form a frame structure of a traditional shape, which is repeated throughout the building and creates an elegant volume of the building.A prime spot is chosen for the headquarters in the urbanism of the factory site. Northern façade faces the town and the arriving visitors. With its volume, the building conceals the industrial objects behind and its backdrop is a beautiful landscape of Pláňavský ridge.

On the project we primarily choose to work with local firms, whether it is construction preparations or implementation. Such support is not only needed for the Moravian Wallachia, but also well deserved. It is this part of our country where interesting firms grow. And due to their high quality of work and innovation, they quickly gain esteem in the field of construction and beyond. Source by Mjölk architekti.

  • Location: Brumov-Bylnice, Czech Republic
  • Architect: Mjölk architekti www.mjolk.cz
  • Client: Kloboucká lesní
  • Gross floor area: 925 m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Mjölk architekti, Lumion, Courtesy of Linka

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