MEDS Silesia Revival 2020


The 11th edition of MEDS Workshop will be held in the industrial region of Poland – Silesia. Based mainly in Tychy it will take the advantage of the Upper Silesian Urban Area’s diversity challenging the participants to face different projects in different cities such as Katowice and Dąbrowa Górnicza. MEDS Silesia Revival 2020 will run from July 24th to August 08th, 2020.

The theme of the edition “Revival” explores the urban and architectural context of Silesia as a space of mines, forges and factories that contributes to a specific regional identity. Both of those paradigms – industrial context and the identity – are an opportunity to reflect upon the issue of transformation. The challenge of the workshop is not only to create interesting projects that have visual representations but also an attempt to conduct a revitalisation of a social mentality.

“Revival” aims to revive what is already defined. If you feel like you have an idea how to combine the theme of revival with the atmosphere of former steel/coal environments – apply as a tutor. The annual tutor call searches for designers, architects and artists to propose, organise and execute projects together with the participants and with the use of given tools and locations.

The scope of MEDS Silesia Revival Workshop 2020 is going beyond the idea of sharing skills and being united in order to create something extraordinary, it’s an actual chance to revive, to bring the places that are covered with the smokestack dust back to life. Source and images Courtesy of MEDS Workshop.

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