Pre-school Lärkgatan by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architectureu


Swedish architects Kjellgren Kaminsky now present the visual design for one of their latest projects. Pre-school Lärkgatan in south Swedish county of Bjuv aims for a building with strong connections to local brick and tile traditions. The site is part of an old mill community, and we want to create something that speaks the language of local tradition.

And with brick as a characteristic building material for the Skåne region, it turned out to be the natural material of choice, says Kjellgren Kaminsky architect Erik Andersson. Kjellgren Kaminsky have also focused on highlighting the county´s tile manufacturing heritage, expressed in the use of locally connected CC Höganäs tiles in the building´s bathrooms.

The Lärkgatan pre-school project meets the standards of Swedish environmental certification Miljöbyggnad Silver, calling for high performance solutions in ventilation and noise reduction, among other demands. The main building also features solar cells and the surrounding outbuildings get green roofing. To streamline the project process, Kjellgren Kaminsky take inspiration from a reference project.

It´s a time saving choice that also benefits the client. This made it possible for us to set up a parallel project with the same client, a housing project for people with special needs. We and the client find the format for collaboration very efficient, where one of many advantages is combined meetings for both projects, saving us all a lot of valuable time, Erik Andersson says. Source and images Courtesy of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture.

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