Ruiwan Tower by Aedas

Ruiwan Tower

OCT Shenzhen recently announced the design of Ruiwan Tower, a new work of Aedas located in Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen. As a gateway project of Qianhai Bay, the Ruiwan Tower, accommodating a luxurious St. Regis Hotel, super-Grade-A offices and retail components, is becoming a new city icon of Shenzhen. The owner envisioned a distinguishing landmark building in a highly competitive area of Shenzhen and a signature development for OCT Group.

Standing in a densely developed area and closely adjacent to numerous high-rise towers with strong characteristics, the project is imposed with multiple challenges. The design must provide dynamic public space that respond to the urban fabric while complying with functional and brand requirements of the prestigious St. Regis Hotel. Facing the scenic outlook of Qianhai Bay, the Ruiwan Building is met with a peerless view of the balmy sea and hugged by luscious greenery along the easterly central green axis of Bao’an District.

The three programs of the building are independent to one another. Located on the apex of the building is a luxurious hotel that overlooks the magnificent oceanic view. Office buildings below are galvanised by the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city below, while the commercial retail spaces along the link bridges offer amble attraction to commuters and passersby. Rotating 45 degrees away from street frontage, direct encounter to surrounding buildings is ingeniously avoided to secure views from both sides of the tower, covering over 85% of the hotel rooms.

The hotel’s banquet hall is set at the podium rooftop, with a kinetic facade system operable to allow natural lighting and evoke interaction between the architecture and the nearby urban communities. The hotel and office programs are segmented by an indentation of the building volume. Concession of the core tube at the hotel section improves operational efficiency by eliminating enclosed atrium space and standardizing hotel rooms.

A 400 sq m cantilevered sky garden is set at the height of 150 m, adding yet another sensational experience for guests’ indulgence. The all-rounded hotel facilities also includes state-of-the-art all-day dining, boutique restaurant, alfresco bar, fitness centre, swimming pool, SPA studio and etc. Lengthened by silver aluminium plates and glazed curtains walls, the minimalist Ruiwan Tower conveys a sense of prominent elegance and distinguished simplicity.

Adorned with the vertical rib system and intricate treatments on corner details, the Ruiwan Tower stands as a beacon of the Qianhai Bay skyline. Entrance of the hotel is symmetrical and enclosed by a grand awning while the dark limestone cladding, glass laminated stone and gold-copper metal structure allude to luxury and affluence to echo the St. Regis moniker. Multi-level access to public transportation systems is granted at podium level, seamlessly bridging the city and coastal spaces, surrounding buildings and public spaces around the development.

The multiple entrances along ground floor directs vehicles and pedestrians to each intended program, while the basement allows easy access to the metro station. Integrating multiple functions, trades and civic spaces within the complex, the Ruiwan Tower is designed as a dynamic city hub to activate the surrounding community at various levels.

“This is a space for everyone – candlelight dinners for couples, weekend gatherings for families and meeting venue for businessmen – they can all spend a wonderful evening overlooking Shenzhen’s skyline and the sea view afar,” said the project designer and Aedas Director Chris Chen. Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Directors: Keith Griffiths, Chairman and Global Design Principal; Chris Chen, Director
  • Client: Shenzhen OCT Ruiwan Development Co., Ltd.
  • GFA: 7,676 sq m
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of Aedas

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