Working from Home competition

Working from Home

Working from home competition is the new international contest of ideas promoted by Archistart in order to experiment future visions on the coexistence between living and work. The unprecedented current situation dictated by the international health crisis requires us to reflect on remote work and on the sustainability of carrying out our work inside our homes.

This strange and unusual situation does not offer guarantees on its foreseeable duration, and imposes on us a temporal uncertainty marked by continuous and sometimes radical change of plans, at many levels, including one of the worlds that interests all of us closely: work ( in general), and the remote one in particular. Remote work has experienced a sudden increase, meeting the urgency imposed by Coronavirus.

But can we really define it as a smart working style? Are our houses adaptable to this use? The contest requires the design of the reference apartment, lived by a young couple that, even after the end of the pandemic, decides to work from home (WFH) more frequently. Innovation and experimentation are highly recommended.

The contest is open to all recent graduates in architecture, building engineering, interior design, design under 35. Competition entries will begin 8th April and will end 8th June 2020 (submission deadline 15th June 2020), and the results will be available in July 2020. The research results will be published and shared in order to start reflections in the architecture & design world. Source and images Courtesy of Archistart.

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