New dates and vision for EDIT Napoli: 16—18 October 2020

In light of the new legislation related to the Covid-19 emergency and with the aim of ensuring maximum safety for the public, staff, exhibitors and all those involved in the second of edition of the wide-ranging international event: EDIT Napoli, the innovative fair created to support and promote independent designers and design authors, is postponed until 16 – 18 October 2020 (press preview: Thursday 15 October 2020).

Today, more than ever, in view of organizing a large-scale public event and in reflection on the role of design, EDIT Napoli looks to its founding values, to intelligent design at a fair price, to deep respect for cultural heritage, and to designers, manufacturers and artisans who combine contemporary ideas with the ancient knowledge of making.

“The time has come to imagine a new paradigm.” In the past couple of days, I have rediscovered a precious and insightful quote by the great master Riccardo Dalisi. The collaborative approach becomes essential, and conceals a great opportunity: the embrace and support of the city itself, as an active and integral part of the fair, gives EDIT Napoli vital energy, confirming its exceptional location at the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore.

Alongside its programme of integral activities, which involves historical sites such as the San Carlo Theater, the National Archaeological Museum and the Capodimonte Museum, the project also spotlights the entities that focus on excellence as their distinctive feature.

Beyond being a meeting point, the fair embodies professional synergies and contrasts, and fosters interactive exchange among its exhibitors, booth coordinators, photographers, creatives, press and buyers. It is precisely from this basis that EDIT Napoli strives to restart, with the aim of supporting dialogue, and social and commercial synergies all of which have been subjected to trial by fire by the recent and absolute closure of activities.

«The core of EDIT Napoli is its exhibitors. Our mission is to give them greater financial and logistical accessibility to venues, to guarantee visibility, to offer a concrete service in a moment of great uncertainty, and to restart with even greater energy and awareness» affirms Emilia Petruccelli, creator and director of the fair. From the Mediterranean, EDIT Napoli looks to the future with a deep desire to share the skills that define it, to make inclusivity a reference point and to embrace the virtues of the territory that has become its home. Source and phoros Courtesy of EDIT Napoli.

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