NESCO Centre Building II by Aedas


Nestled in Mumbai is one of the city’s most prominent and fast-developing neighbourhood, Goregaon. An urban marvel brimming with luxurious residential developments, bustling office buildings and commercial centres, Goregaon district is renowned for its excellent connectivity and transportation. In the thick of the city’s melting pot of innovation, scenic green rolling hills and vibrant urban culture is Aedas’ latest project in Mumbai, India – the NESCO Centre Building II Mixed-use Development.

A vital transportation hub and symbol for the city’s modernity, Goregaon district is acclaimed for its excellent road connections and public transportation networks that allow visitors and residents seamless transit journeys. The NESCO Centre Building II Mixed-use Development project is part of NESCO Centre, which currently accommodates IT office buildings, the Mumbai Exhibition Centre and the main exhibition venue in the city. The project’s site is owned by NESCO and is engulfed by large monumental trees, making the site a green oasis within Mumbai’s fast-developing and dense urban context.

In keeping with the functions of the current site, Aedas was commissioned to create an urban campus environment that bolsters a live-work atmosphere. The design of the project aims to increase greenery, community space, improve the function, aesthetic and quality of all common areas while maximising the site’s GFA. By addressing the aesthetic, function and maximisation of the site’s GFA, this allows the design to epitomise a unique public space that is representative of the dynamic Goregaon district.

As a crucial part of the consolidation of the new NESCO Centre, the project is defined by its campus-inspired experience and environment to grant the entire development a revived demeanour. The design opts to raise office buildings three levels above the low parking podium to cultivate a campus environment while preserving as much openness and greenery as possible. The elevated design allows space for a newly open and expanded Ground Floor, which will improve accessibility by functioning as a connective hub linking the various cores and lobbies of the project.

The Ground Floor will assist in directing the flow of traffic from the main road to the development’s basement car park, while greenscape paved paths between buildings and public spaces will provide complete pedestrian connectivity on the site. NESCO Centre’s intuitive circulation and connectivity grant the site full pedestrian access, thereby establishing it as Mumbai’s lead project for sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

Brimming with luxurious amenities and functional programming, the project is comprised of a 250-room business hotel, serene common space, an ample food court, a business centre and rooftop fitness facilities. The core and building lobbies are designed to allow tenants to lease space independently. Vehicle and fire engine access roads will be transformed into pedestrian boulevards. Plazas, covered greenery and amphitheatres will be implemented to create a receptive and welcoming ecosystem that embodies the spirited Mumbai culture. Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Director: Simon N.A.F.
  • Client: NESCO Limited
  • Gross Area: 240,000 sq m
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of Aedas

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