Young Talent Architecture Award 2020 finalists

Young Talent Architecture Award

The members of the YTAA 2020 jury and of the Asia Edition of YTAA 2020 highlighted the outstanding quality of all the nominees and met several times online before taking a decision regarding the finalists. 155 schools of architecture, landscape and urban design from 124 cities participated in YTAA 2020 with 382 projects submitted by 478 young architects.

During four intense online meetings – due to Covid-19 – the jury discussed the proposals of the young graduates focusing on today’s challenges, such as: the necessary shift in how complex social, economic and political systems shape our lives and spaces; the need to find alternatives to the current dominant lifestyles; and how architects and urban designers contribute to this.

The jury selected a shortlist of 43 projects, which will be exhibited as a Collateral Event of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia next year, from which they chose the 12
finalist projects listed above.

→ On October 5 – the World Architecture Day and the World Habitat Day – Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will announce the YTAA 2020 Winners.
→ The YTAA 2020 exhibition will open on May 22, 2021 at the European Cultural Centre – Palazzo Mora in Venice, as a Collateral event of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
→ The YTAA Awards Ceremony will take place in June in Venice with the debate entitled ‘Learning together’ in the framework of the Biennale Architettura 2021 “How will we live together?” curated by Hashim Sarkis. Source and images Courtesy of Young Talent Architecture Award.

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