MY College Spijkenisse by NEXT architects and Christensen & Co Architects

MY College

The winning proposal for the new educational building for MY college in Spijkenisse, The Netherland is created by Christensen & Co and NEXT architects. The new building is designed to ensure that students can explore their talents and skills whilst having a close connection to society.

The design is based on an architectural concept of No Dead Ends, which is ideal for student interaction. In the central Learning Loop we define various levels of focus, ensuring students can find spaces corresponding with their needs for concentration. To achieve this, the learning environment of MY college holds three overarching typologies for learning:

MY BASE, comprising theory rooms and co-creating practice rooms for large groups, MY SQUARE providing learning plazas for student interaction and corridors to promote smaller interactions between students, and MY CAVE offering private study rooms and quiet places for the possibility of retreat.

On all sides, the building features a unifying layout by using the wooden lamellae, with no closed-off façades and a lot of space for daylight to penetrate in the building. My college adepts to its contextual site and program, whilst placing the gymnastics hall on the top volume creating a focal point in the urban landscape. Source by NEXT architects and Christensen & Co Architects.

  • Location: Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
  • Architect: NEXT architects, Christensen & Co Architects
  • Design Team: Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Oihane García, Joost Lemmens, Edo Bakovic
  • Client: Onderwijsgroep Galilei
  • Size: 4.160 m2
  • Completion Expected: 2023
  • Images: Courtesy of NEXT

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