Huzhou Club Center by Studio Marco Piva

Huzhou Club Center

The project for the Huzhou Club Center is part of the new “Change on – White city” residential complex, in the ancient province of Zhejiang: an exclusive club at the service of the residences, but also open to the city and its guests.

The concept is inspired by the place and its tradition, specifically by its nature, by the sinuous shape of the Gingko tree leaves, the ancient tree of the city whose evocative forest extends for 12.5 kilometers, and by the archetype of the fan, with its shape and characteristic ribbing.

A fluid design that functionally divides the space into three areas of activity: leisure at the ground floor, entertainment at the first, wellness at the basement. Among the most interesting elements of the design, the creation of iconic custom designed elements.

Such as the spectacular triple-height glass and metal chandelier in the hall, the marble and steel reception counter, the self-standing washbasins in the bathrooms, metal monoliths interlocking on a marble top, the glass partition of the wine cellar.

The material contrast is another key element of the project: marbles, metals, glass, leathers and fabrics, with their encounter, sometimes even extreme, lead to dynamic and vibrant environments. Light sources emphasize the passages and the geometries of the spaces, such as grooves of light in the false ceiling and backlighting of visual points of particular importance, in addition to traditional technical and decorative lighting.

Finally, some artworks were designed ad hoc, such as the marble and metal one in the billiard room that recalls the circular movement of the opening of a fan, or the backlit sculpture in onyx, marble and metal in the wine cellar corridor: unique details that give a touch of exclusivity to the place. Source by Studio Marco Piva.

  • Location: Huzhou, China
  • Architect: Studio Marco Piva
  • Client: Zhejiang Chang-On Real estate Development Corporation Ltd
  • Site Area: 1420 sqm
  • Year: 2020
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Studio Marco Piva

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