Durbach Block Jaggers wins competition for 410 Pitt Street Pencil Tower Hotel

410 Pitt Street Pencil Tower Hotel

An improbably narrow site for the height was envisaged in the Stage 1 council approval, our proposal embraces this attenuated quality. Our scheme envisages a ‘column’ tower on a low scale podium. The podium references the delicacy and detail of the heritage neighbours, using the language of grand arching brickwork.

A three story urban room houses multiple levels of lounges and cafes, visible through a large scale keyhole window. A walled courtyard garden for shared use overlooks the street. The tower is designed to simulate the compression and extension of a column, through a continuous abstraction of the elements of a column: base, shaft and capital.

The facade begins with compressed horizontal screening, slowly transforming into exaggerated verticals at the top. The capital is joyfully expressed as a flying balcony and egg shell curves of a rooftop gathering space, pool and “hammam.” Horizontals begin wide and flush with the outside frame, slowly thinning and receding at the height of the tower.

Each horizontal is at the height of the slab, handrail and door head height. Verticals are suppressed at the base, tapering gradually to prominence. These screening devices would be finished in stainless steel to create reflective surfaces to maximise light and provide sun shading. Source and images Courtesy of Durbach Block Jaggers.

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