SPARK designed “new generation” smart office interiors in Greater Bay Area completes

smart office interiors

The Shenzhen, Taizi Bay Office interiors designed by SPARK form part of China Merchant’s portfolio of mixed-used developments in the Greater Bay area (GBA). Real Estate Developments within the GBA are focussed on creating a vibrant world-class megapolis, perfect for business, cultural exchange, travel, and living.

SPARK’s project is the first phase of a new generation of office interiors that lays the foundation for future of work, supporting the Greater Bay Area wide ethos of creating sustainable workplaces. SPARK developed from inception to completion this paradigmatic shift in provision of physical space that supports activity-based working –to shape superior employee experiences that ultimately contribute to productivity and profitability.

The 4 tower interiors comprise of a total 95,500 square meters of leasable office space, including supporting amenities. Smart building systems are integrated to create the most productive work environment supporting the psychological benefits and the wellbeing of individuals. The smart technology integrates and enhances workflow; and maintains the ongoing sustainability and maintenance of building operations, and working environments.

SPARK’s Phase 1 interior design concept draws from the natural geometries found locally, the Nanshan mountains to the north and Taizi Bay to the south. The topographic layers of the mountain, its varying skyline, lighting qualities of the bay and the rhythm of sea waves reaching the shore are elements translated into the abstracted lines, colours, forms and textures of the interiors.

SPARK scope of works includes the ground level main lobbies, lift lobbies, lift interiors, sky lobbies, washrooms, pantries and common corridors, each designed with consideration of functionality and integration of the “Smart, Green, Social, Art” themes. The entrance threshold to the office is a monochromatic double height space fronting a landscape plaza. An “art” screen concealing the mezzanine is formed by twisted aluminum fins that create the subtle image of a mountain skyline.

This key design element is visible from the landscape plaza, like a piece of optical art it looks different from different vantage points. The concierge desks are formed in a similar twisted form and are positioned against a backdrop of polished and matt stone. The twisted motif is repeated across the screens of the ground floor lift lobby, lift car interiors, door handles, benches and planters. The polished marble floor has tonal gradation from dark to light, inspired by the rippling effects and textures of the sea washing against the shore. Source and images Courtesy of SPARK.

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