As Close As We Get by SUPERFLEX and

As Close As We Get

Transformation of Duality
The site of the Coziness Valley Competition is an ecotone of the utmost dualities – light and darkness, wilderness and metropolis, summer and winter. By connecting the infrastructure of daily life in the city and letting nature roam, we create an attraction of intertwined integration of every entity.

Our approach for the competition pushes the dualities to their limit, thus expanding the experience of nature. Emphasising and highlighting the ever shifting elements that are determined by the seasons, we merge the dualities into a unity for the citizens of Murmansk to include in their daily lives. The site of Murmansk is perhaps as close as we get to nature.

To Understand Nature
An elevated path flows around the site, leading humans to an amplified experience of nature’s wild phenomena. It grows following the Fibonacci sequence, nature’s blueprint of expansion, and the journey is oppositional to the straight lines of the city. Challenging the fast pace of modern life, the path does not only take you from A to B but invites you on a journey.

The path makes you investigate the grounds from above like a whimbrel, but also leads you into nature at the eye level of reindeers. The thrill of an ice bath, an outdoor cinema hub or a subtle place of tranquillity – different experiences await, all bound in an emphasized realm of nature.

The full experience of this attraction brings the citizens and tourists as close as we can get to the wild, untameable phenomena of nature. To understand nature one has to encounter all its facets, some of which are not usually seen – the path is your guide to an array of hidden gems. Essentially being a celebration of dualities, the path changes functionality depending on the season.

Bright lights guide your exploration of the frozen grounds in the winter – while the path leaves your feet dry and bright flower beds come alive in the summer. This colourful landmark is the centre of an active and connected Murmansk: merging the entities of nature and civilization, summer and winter, together into a chiasm of exploration and functionality. Source by SUPERFLEX and

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