Gaa by Architectkidd


Gaa is a transformation of an ancient Thai house into a modern fine dining space. With the new design, Architectkidd reflects on the ongoing journey of the house, which originated from Ayutthaya, Thailand. The wood joinery techniques of the ‘Ruen Thai’ allow it to be assembled and disassembled and the house was moved and reconstructed in its new location in Bangkok.

With its tropical hardwood details and carving techniques, the Thai house possesses a familiar presence and traditional identity. For Gaa, Architectkidd wanted to accentuate these characteristics in subtle and new ways. We muted the colors of the existing finishes and reduced the material palette to a singular tone to give focus on the interior space and how they are perceived in light and shadow.

Characteristic of Thai houses are the undulating roof forms and curved ceiling spaces. A string installation was designed to flow through and accentuate the volume of the Thai house. These strings are a modern interpretation of ‘Sai Sin’ – white threads strung along rafters of houses and buildings to symbolize the spiritual connection and bliss of people gathered together within the space.

Working with Michelin-starred Chef Garima Arora and her team, Gaa expresses new possibilities within a traditional space. For Gaa, the creation of food is not a product but something that comes from elevating ideas and approaches. The new design for Gaa has been enriched by interconnecting old and new processes in order to create a new gathering space for food. Source by Architectkidd.

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Architect: Architectkidd
  • Design Team: Luke Yeung, Jariyawadee Lekawatana, Udomsak Komonvillas, Manassak Senachak, Nipun Saenguthaivanitkul, Korpong Sanaha
  • Thai House Restoration: Palai Studio
  • Fabrication: Wawara Design
  • Interior Lighting Design: Accent Studio
  • Exterior Lighting Design: APLD
  • Client: Chef Garima Arora
  • Year: 2020
  • Photographs: Aey Somsawat, Luke Yeung, Courtesy of Architectkidd

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