“The final countdown resort” by Rescubika

The final countdown

According to a World Bank report, climate change will turn more than 143 million people into climate refugees, seeking to escape crop failure, water scarcity and rising sea levels. There is very little time left to act. Without reducing greenhouse gases and other pollution, climate migration is likely to increase until 2050 and then accelerate. For the Rescubika collective, the answer can be the creation around the world of stations that can collect hundreds of people if necessary.

These stations called “final countdown stations” will have different goals depending on the climate situation. First, these stations will be both research centres and places of cultural and tourist life.These stations will witness rising water levels and climate change. Visitors will be able to judge for themselves in real time the impact of man on his environment. When the climate situation becomes catastrophic, these stations will be arches of survival for the refugees living in these threatened regions.

They will be able to live in peace and become the pioneers of a future world. The station is designed in the same way as the artificial ports used during the landing on the beaches of Normandy during the Second World War. This vessel is capable of flotation and melting into Greenland ice. It merges with the environment, leaving only its lighthouse, the only vertical element of the station, to appear in the distance. The program:

  • Housing modules: prototype of an eco-responsible tourist village in the first instance, which may become a survival capsule for climate refugees in the Far North.
  • Cultural and scientific centre.
  • Greenhouses that will shelter plants, where “exotic” or delicate plants will be grown. We are developing a self-sufficient system that can survive a climate catastrophe.
  • Fish farming. Large pools of fish farms in order to survive certain endangered species and to support the inhabitants of the station.
  • Sports Centre.
  • Panoramic restaurant.
  • Medical Centre.
  • Garage, heliport and aerodrome.
  • Meditation Centre.

The project will develop alternative solutions to ice cap formation. Organized on an arc-shaped floating deck, hydraulic pumps form ice using seawater and discharge large blocks of ice, creating a crust of unsalted ice. This project will be “carbon neutral” because it will be able to create the energy necessary for its own operation without using fossil fuels and not emitting excessive carbon particles.

Carbon neutrality within a given perimeter, is a state of equilibrium to be achieved between the emissions of greenhouse gases of human origin and their removal from the atmosphere by man or by his fact. Since the difference between the gases emitted and extracted is then equal to zero, carbon neutrality is also referred to as net zero emissions (ZEN).

This station model can respond to the problem of rising water levels and the issue of climate refugees by developing and adapting it to other climatic zones. It could indeed be adapted to the Polynesian model and thus be a survival capsule for these populations directly threatened by the rise of the oceans. Source and images Courtesy of Rescubika.

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