InsideOut by Cosimo Scotucci


Lockdown is one of the most powerful tools to avoid the spread of the virus, and that’s why has been largely adopted all around the Globe. Unfortunately this come at a great cost for the people, both physical and mental. But history demonstrated that humankind is a very strong species, that has the great power to adapt very quickly to new realities and so this time did.

InsideOut is an installation that aims to celebrate the people. Their courage and attitude. Staying inside is not easy but We did it for a greater goal. This has been a time for soul-searching, many deepened their self consciousness, others discovered a new self. InsideOut visualize this introspection, mirroring the outside World inside, turning it upside down, completely subverting something that has been very known reveling a totally unexpected new beauty.

Thanks to a disk of 8 meters with a small hole of 12mm in the center is possible to turn the Pantheon in the larger Camera Obscura ever built. This will project on all the surfaces an upside down image of the outside. The Camera, pointing towards the sky, will project an ever-changing image, depending on the weather, the time and the color of the sky: from a bleached foggy morning to a warm red sunset.

The Camera Obscura principle is very well-known concept since the Renascence: Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler among and many others described the principle in their codices on optics. For the first time in history we can use this tool to look at what is happening inside ourselves rather than simply project what surround us. Source by Cosimo Scotucci.

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