Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos wins competition for the Tor 2 Clouth-Areal in Köln-Nippes

Tor 2 Clouth-Areal

The design presented by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos has won the architecture competition for the Tor 2 Clouth Areal project in the historic area of Clouth in Cologne-Nippes. The jury chose Nieto Sobejano’s concept as the winner, as “it combines the existing historical building, an industrial monument, with new buildings in an architecturally unique way integrated in the urban context”.

The Clouth Areal was the former headquarters of the company created in the 19th century, and whose building object of the project, Tor 2, was rebuilt after the war with high-quality architecture, protected by the Historical Heritage.

Nieto Sobejano’s winning project is based on the respectful integration of the industrial architecture of the 1950s, with the expansion of new buildings, which establish a dialogue between the past and the present in their scale and materiality, creating public spaces, and enhancing the existing Ehrenhof.

The ensemble combines areas for various types of apartments, offices, co-working, conferences, restaurants, services, as well as for art and culture, including a theater and a Dance Academy. The construction application submission is scheduled for 2021 and its completion is forseen for 2024. Source and images Courtesy of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos.

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