Kaminsky Arkitektur wins competition for Protistatomten


It is now official that Kaminsky Arkitektur has won the land allocation competition at “Protistatomten” together with the builder 3Hus, almost 150 dwellings are now to be built by 3Hus in central Bjuv. During the fall of 2020, Bjuv municipality announced a land allocation competition for Kvartetet Orren (also known as Protistatomten) in central Bjuv. Among nine proposals, 3Hus and Kaminsky Arkitektur won the land allocation.

“We have drawn a proposal where urbanity meets greenery. The buildings are inspired from the local tradition of brick architecture, among others the Sigurd Lewerentz St Petri Church, applied to the current scale of Bjuv. To draw a proposal with this architectural level requires a client with great engagement who dares to think outside the box, like 3Hus”, says Joakim Kaminsky, Kaminsky Arkitektur.

Lunden is developed with high sensitivity to the current qualities of this central plot in Bjuv. Its close connection to Folketshusparken has been very present in the design process as the green qualities of the park sprawls into the spaces between the new buildings. With broad variation in topology and form of lease, it contributes with an interesting and multifaceted atmosphere to Bjuv.

This new residential area departures from its beneficial location regarding mobility and stimulates pedestrian and cyclist paths to connect existing residential areas to Bjuv centre and to Friluftsbadet. Parking lots are strategically placed for easy access from connecting street but at the same time being screened of from the green courtyards inside. Expected construction start is during 2023, complete to move in 2024-2026. Source and images Courtesy of Kaminsky Arkitektur.

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