One Roof- Germia for Concert Hall by Kengo Kuma wins competition in Kosovo


The news was announced by the Director of Culture of the city of Pristina, Adrian Berisha, stating that Kengo Kuma will be the creator of the “Gërmia” concert hall, a project born to develop the artistic culture in the country and an architectural reference point of the Kosovo city.

“This is the next step that was taken by the Municipality of Prishtina for the realization of the concert hall and in the interinstitutional cooperation we will continue the commitment for the next steps until the finalization of the Gërmia Concert Hall project”, says Adrian Berisha.

The proposal by Kengo Kuma together with Bekim Ramku and OUD + Architects, preserves the existing structures and the modernist imprint of the building, originally a department store, with the addition of a canopy that redefines the public space and accommodate the foyer of the large concert hall.

The structure that contrasts with the 70’s architecture of the building will also contain a temporary exhibition space, a gallery and a restaurant for an articulated endowment of spaces and services necessary for the concert hall.

The canopy is also characterized by a green roof for sustainable design, which also includes rainwater collection systems and natural ventilation, which is inspired by the surrounding nature.

the second place goes to Shkelqim Osmani of “Vizion Projekt”, MA Studio and its partners, while the third is assigned to Arbër Sadiki in collaboration with G + A architects. Images via kallxo

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