Aquafin by B-architecten


In Aartselaar, construction of the new Aquafin head office has started. Wood, reused materials and innovative techniques play a major role in the design: they ensure that the so-called Campus Aquafin will be a circular building. The project should be ready in the summer of 2022.

The design by B-architecten came about in collaboration with Cenergie, UTIL and DELVA Landscape Architecture & Urbanism; contractor Van Roey is carrying out the works. Since all the actions are embedded in one biodiverse and green environment several strategies are combined: a long term vision on the usage of space and mobility, a need for durability, the smart use of energy, the new working attitude and a new identity for Aquafin.

This entire site is put under scrutiny and is to be durably overhauled. Key elements are firstly the enlargement of the central building to assemble all campus-users in one durable working environment, focusing on interaction and contact, secondly the introduction of a small pavilion on the ecologically fragile green site of the former Delta building and thirdly the demolition of one building to organise a green and drive-through parking infrastructure (for cars and bicycles).

The design is all about uniting. It unites the site with the environment (the green corridor), it unites the three subareas (the public circulation-axe sews everything neatly together), it unites Aquafin and its mission towards a broader public dimension (a.o. by implementing the Bar d’Office as a co-working space or the opening of the pavilion for external activities…) it unites the workers by putting them all under one roof (one compact and lively campus as a great place to work).

A uniting design that makes all three subareas refer to one another is necessary to confirm the preconceived ambition of a new identity and spacial cohesion and to stimulate the interaction between the different users. Since the mindset is durability and biodiversity this project offers a unique opportunity to create special and diversified green areas.

The starting point is the concept of substituting habitats. Providing a welcoming area for insects, birds and mammals, close to the natural referential environment, increases the ecological value and biological diversity. The challenge lies in coupling these assets to the site’s qualitative development in such a way that the whole will contribute to a better urban development on a supra local level. Source by B-architecten.

  • Location: Aartselaar, Belgium
  • Architect: B-architecten
  • Project Team: Ana Cuéllar Azócar, Evert Crols, Isaura Doumen, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Larissa van Aalst, Pauline Van de Velden, Evelien van de Riet, Kristiaan Van Weert, Domien Wuyts
  • Landscape: DELVA Landscape Architecture & Urbanism
  • Contractor: Van Roey
  • Client: Aquafin nv
  • Surface: 7.338 m
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of B-architecten

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