Inno. EcoSLab

In the core area of Zhongguancun, China’s most intensive resource for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Chuangye Street with a total length of only 220 meters is like a blood vessel which is surging to deliver oxygen to the fast-running city. Completed in September 2020 and located at the north exit of Chuangye Street, the Inno. EcoSLab in Zhongguancun, which was designed and renovated by QUCESS, provides the city and the urbanite with a unique space open for 24-hours a day.

In addition to the obvious mix-used functional space, it is more like a small energy pump, injecting energy into the city’s respiration, and jointly completing its daily metabolism. At the same time, this is also an omnidirectional practice of QUCESS on its metabolic design concept.

Space for city
When the design concept of metabolism was instilled into the space, Inno. EcoSLab was no longer just a new ordinary space at the corner of the street. The designer retained most of the framework of the original space, extended and reconstructed the space based on the old one, and transformed it into a new space that incorporated with open, semi-open and closed areas.

Stepping from the outdoor into the indoor area, the mood also has a transition from bustle to the refreshed peace, until the entire complex space is fully presented in front of the user, who can choose the preferred area to settle down. For the new Inno. EcoSLab, the process of redesign is a self-renewal of space, and the birth of a new space in the city is also a small but subtle change.

This slowly changing mix-used courtyard is like a mini city, where busy urbanite enter to relieve their mood in the interlaced micro landscape; supplement their physical strength with the aid of physically empowered facilities; and enjoy a slow life in the delicately designed space… When set off again, people are refreshed with bright eyes. This is the small space’s contribution to the city, and the city is also completing its metabolism in this way.

Space for people
In order to achieve the effect of burden alleviation so as to make people energetic via space, QUCESS appropriately implanted rich functions and scene into the space, which was enhanced through the use of fresh and concise color and the integration of landscape design.

The small-sized sharing area, bar counter, window-side working area, meeting area, booth area, mezzanine area and other areas respectively hold different functional requirements. The circular flow connects the functional areas from the first floor to the mezzanine in sequence, overlapping in rich scene. Under this circumstances, the stereotyped and dull spatial appearance no longer exists.

It is just like a miniature complex community, even if it is only a square inch, it can still meet various needs with ease. The landscape is an important part of the space. The plants breathe slowly and release oxygen, which seem to be still against the noisy streetscape of Zhongguancun.

Different shapes of green plants form a micro landscape, where each step makes a different scene, and plants are standing still in different functional areas, forming a world of their own. In the space surrounded by plants, the time flows lightly and slowly. While absorbing carbon dioxide, they also filter out people’s anxiety and worries.

In the pure and comfortable white and green palette, the outdoor elements such as gravel, clinker, iron, and terrazzo also continue the simple and natural spatial flair, merging in the natural environment quietly, so as to soothe the emotions of the visitors to the greatest extent. Then, the new energy is gradually aroused. Source by QUCESS DESIGN.

  • Location: Zhongguancun, China
  • Architect: QUCESS DESIG
  • Design Director: Li Yiming
  • Chief Designer: Wang Xueli
  • Soft Furnishing Director: Hu Kun
  • Project Team: Li Liang, Ji Shichao, Han Zhangsheng, Zhang Zhihao, Ren Lulu, Wang Qian
  • Soft Decoration Team: Pingfan, Zou Guangpeng
  • Gross Built Area: 3240 square meters
  • Completion Time: Oct. 2020
  • Photographs: Shi Yunfeng, Courtesy of QUCESS DESIGN

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