Shenzhen C FutureCity Phase 2 by Aedas

C FutureCity

C FutureCity designed by Aedas is the largest urban regeneration project in Shenzhen, China. To provide a unique shopping experience at the heart of the future city, 7 distinctive retail pavilions are carefully designed and scattered along the retail street of C FutureCity Phase 2 development.

Located in Shangsha Village in Futian, Shenzhen, the site is developed in two phases: Phase 1 includes high-rise twin office towers and residential towers to form a live-work complex that attracts talents and residents.

While Phase 2 comprises residential, retail, entertainment, cultural and exhibition components. Introducing modern lifestyles to the residents with emphasis on both functionality and green-living, the design also seeks to conserve village folk culture and revitalize the area by consolidating the mélange of business formats.

The second phase celebrates three overarching themes—nature, technology and art, and the touchstone of the design is how we converse with the future and render a unique shopping experience that advances the development of the city.

The design celebrates the theme of ‘technology, art, and nature’, drawing a focal point of the development with advanced building materials, cutting-edge LED technologies and crossover installations with world-renowned media artists.

The 7 pavilions combine to form a dynamic public plaza where visitors are encouraged to explore and interact with the space they are in. Integrating an existing Chinese temple and ancient banyan trees, the design creates a leading culture hub and creative lifestyle centre for the city. Source and images Courtesy of Aedas.

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