The Federiciana Library by MCA Mario Cucinella Architects

Federiciana Library

The Municipality of Fano and the Fondazione Montanari combine skills and energies to give a new life to the Federiciana Library. The internationally renowned architect Mario Cucinella, founder and creative director of MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects, was called to oversee the design of the recovery and new expansion of the historic urban library.

A work that will represent a light for the development of the culture of an entire territory, in favor of the new generations. The Fondazione Montanari is a non-profit institution that promotes and enhances technical, scientific and research activities in the cultural, economic and health fields, for social development and the common good.

The prestigious assignment was entrusted to the MCA Mario Cucinella Architects, which will be able to guarantee a vision of contemporaneity, taking the aim of creating a structure that dialogues with the history of the city, seeking its most authentic texture“- declares Corrado Arturo Montanari, president of the Fondazione Montanari.

The Municipality of Fano intends to create a new, adjoining and modern extension which is a candidate to become a new cultural aggregation center of the City. – add the Mayor, Massimo Seri, and the Councilor for Libraries, Samuele Mascarin – this ambitious project intends to represent what Fano increasingly must become: a open, curious, inclusive, European reality, capable of living its own history, anticipating the future, interpreting its signs“.

The restoration project of the Federiciana Library, adjacent to the Baroque Church of San Pietro in Valle, is aimed at reorganizing its pre-existing functions, through the reorganization of the offices and the precious volumes collected there since the second half of the 1600s. The project preserves the famous “Sala dei Globi” with its wooden shelves and its furnishings.

While the recovery project aimed at preserving the historic building, the new extension takes shape from the void created by the demolition of the pre-existing modern building and, in continuity with the contemporary urban design, marks the step between the historic and the modern Fano by opening up towards the port and the waterfront.

The new volume, like a transparent casket, welcomes and guards four levels, plus a basement for the vault of the volumes to be preserved, and a panoramic terrace that opens onto large visual wings. The public entrance leads to the ground floor which houses a conference room and some reception and service spaces.

The internal architecture winds through cantilevered internal terraces, ‘suspended’ and slightly staggered which also hosts an event space to finally culminate in the roof with a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea. A fluid and continuous architectural gesture draws the organic forms of the terraces that welcome spaces dedicated to reading, stretched outwards, relating the internal architecture with the urban landscape, up to the blue horizon of the sea.

The landscape design project, common thread between the various levels and the terraces, is designed as a public space in continuity with the external green area that existed before the new extension, and sees its beginning in the winter garden on the ground floor. A careful climate study accompanied the project.

The optimization of the exposure of the main facade of the new volume, towards the north-west, to protect itself from direct solar radiation, has resulted in optimal natural lighting, for the benefit of greater visual comfort in the reading spaces, a reduced use of artificial lighting and efficient natural ventilation that takes advantage of the breezes coming from the north in summer and during the mid-seasons. Source by Mario Cucinella Architects.

  • Location: Fano, Pesaro e Urbino, Italy
  • Architect: MCA Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Project Team: Mario Cucinella, Michele Olivieri, Francesco Visco, Eugenio De Nicola, Giuseppe Panzarini, Elisabetta Pettazzoni
  • Structural Project: Maffeis Engineering
  • Plant project: Technion s.r.l.
  • Client: Municipality of Fano and Montanari Foundation
  • Area: 3000 mq
  • Start Project: 01/03/2021
  • Images: Courtesy of MCA Mario Cucinella Architects

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