Alibaba Central China Headquarters by Benoy showcase at World Architecture Day and World Cities Day

Alibaba Central China Headquarters

To mark World Architecture Day and World Cities Day both celebrated in October, Benoy is proud to showcase a series of projects that capture our response to the transformation of our economies and societies. Through projects which encompass social, cultural, environmental and commercial sustainability, we demonstrate the continuing evolution of the built environment into urban spaces which are sustainable, inclusive and resilient.

Today we are featuring the Alibaba Central China Headquarters and Industrial Complex located in Wuhan, China. The Alibaba Central China Headquarters and Industrial Complex is located in the Xudong business district at the core of Wuhan’s inner ring. It covers a total GFA of over 460,000sqm with two eco-office towers, 280m and 190m in height respectively, and a new retail commercial hub covering 90,000 m².

Alibaba’s Central China Headquarters and Industrial Complex will feature the Group’s enhanced operational model, introducing a new business ecology for core enterprises and innovative business models for retail. Based on in-depth research of Alibaba’s corporate culture and the interaction between offices and businesses, Benoy formulated the AliCampus concept. We also interwove, nested and reconstructed these space units by applying the concept of a Kongming lock, a traditional Chinese wooden puzzle, into the structure.

With the concept of “AliCampus” and the Kongming lock design, the development implements Alibaba’s hybrid digital ecosystem and enhances the company’s presence in central China by driving the transformation of its brick-and-mortar businesses. This project will create an intelligent industrial cluster to support talent, entrepreneurship, work and life in Wuhan. Source and images Courtesy of Benoy.

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