Sitty by SHOMALI SHOMALI design studio


As the slopping roof is a symbol of the local architecture, we tried to keep it but in a new way.

On the contrary to the A-shape of the sloping roofs, we tried to use a new way of looking at this matter. In this way, we upside it down and make a V-shape form for the roof.

All in all, we reached the new form, the same function but a different architectural shape. Also, the main concept comes from a bird, with open wings, sitting by the side of a pond.

Both aesthetically and functionally, the house is divided into two volumes that distinguish the living area from the night one, connected by common service areas. Source by SHOMALI SHOMALI design studio.

Location: Gilan, Iran,
Architect: SHOMALI SHOMALI design studio
Principal architect: Yaser Rashid Shomali & Yasin Rashid Shomali
Tools used: 3ds Max, Vray, Adobe Photoshop, Lumion, Adobe After Effects
Built area: 120 sqm
Year: 2021
Images: Courtesy of SHOMALI SHOMALI design studio

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