Çanakkale Antenna Tower by IND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company

Çanakkale Antenna Tower

The iconic 100 meter high design embraces the beautiful landscape on a forested hilltop near the historic Turkish city of Çanakkale. The weathering steel structure grows into a tower in one fluent gesture by looping around the site, creating an immersive experience of the close-up forest, and offering stunning panoramic views in all directions. Hereby, we share the latest sneak preview of the Çanakkale Antenna Tower that will be completed soon.

Panoramic views of a historic city
The project creates a subtle visual identity for the city through its distinctive silhouette that hovers over the mountain topographic contours. Simultaneously the design offers a more intimate experience of nature through the creation of an inner garden. Watch the preview video that Marcel IJzerman shot earlier during construction.

Liberated space and uninterrupted landscape
The Çanakkale Antenna Tower offers us a number of interesting paradoxes: how do we enhance the experience of nature with the presence of technology? How to create a unique visitors’ experience using the spectacular heights of the antenna tower while protecting visitors from the hazards of the transmitters’ radiations? Its architecture aims for technological functionality that maximizes the reading of the inherent diverse landscape features through its gestures.

Shaping the environment
The broadcast tower will double as a public viewing platform, complete with exhibition spaces, a restaurant, recreational facilities, and observation decks alongside the antenna tower. We unite all these different functions and requirements into one spatial gesture.

Place driven symbol of a totem
Our design acts as the climax of a forest path that winds up the hill on which it stands. The forest path is detached from the ground, liberating it from the forest and creating space for a future wild garden.

Varied heights create an undulating platform that doubles as an elevated walkway. It forms a continuation of the path, looping around the site and offering breathtaking panoramic views over the city and forest before returning to the top of the hill, where it is directed up into the sky. Once completed, the forested hilltop site will be transformed into a public destination in addition to an iconic antenna tower. Source by [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company.