Huafa Jinwan Mall by Benoy

Huafa Jinwan Mall

Huafa Jinwan Mixed-Use Development recently celebrated its official opening. The project is located in the core area of Zhuhai’s new Aviation City and is also a prime location adjacent to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The project land area is 58,483.24 sqm and the total construction area of the project is 116,880.92 square meters, 67,618.37 square meters above ground, and 49,262.55 square meters underground; the total investment value is approximately RMB 1.9 billion.

Benoy designed a trendy (“affordable luxury”) shopping mall and a retail street to maximise the retail opportunity provided by the new aviation city. As the surrounding plots mainly consist of commercial offices, residential, sports and cultural facilities, the project also includes a spectacular panoramic lake side view, and a civic cultural centre across the lake. Home to almost 600 brands, the plot also brings together a diverse variety of uses, from restaurants, leisure and entertainment to cultural art spaces.

The project is targeted to drive people throughout the area, and will attract young families working and living around the aviation city. Our vision is to maximise the lakeside’s presence with the integration of the natural environment with the retail architecture. We also aim to create a brand-new living style in Jinwan Central district by making this a trendy and fashionable destination for locals and tourists.

Masterplan & Architecture – “Landscape Galleria”
The overall commercial plan is based on the concept of “Shanshui Corridor”. It embodies the closeness to nature: each floor’s corridor has a corresponding garden. The garden terrace and courtyard not only provide a lush green environment for this commercial district, but also provide a rest space for the surrounding residents to escape into nature.

While the elevated corridors and multi-level garden terraces shape a harmonious city skyline, they also provide residents with a viewing platform to view the “mountain” and the lake. The interpretation of the city and the lakeside-the base is divided into an urban interface and a seaside interface. The main shopping mall with a complete volume is set in the urban interface, and the four-story building façade can maximize the city’s commercial display area while creating and highlighting the main entrance atmosphere of the mall.

At the seaside interface, a catering and leisure theme area with a preference for outdoor activities is created, with a number of unique experiential catering specialty shops. The architecture is inspired by seagulls flying freely by the sea, and the movement of seagulls spreading their wings is interpreted through the streamlined profiles in the plans.

The shopping mall and casual dining area create a unique retail atmosphere. The spatial design is split into two different spindles: the indoor active line is relatively simple and smooth with direct and good accessibility — from the lake side, there is direct access to the main entrance of the mall. The outdoor spine reflects the pace of leisure, integrating with the green garden and a meandering trail, allowing customers to immerse in a relaxed, slow-paced environment.

Interior Design Highlights
Since this project is in the Aviation City, our vision is to build Huafa Golden Bay Center into a place that belongs to the new generation and new thinking, so we use “Dream Flight Journey” as the design theme. It brings the spirit of adventure and journey to life, creating a place for new generations and new thinking from which opportunity and inspiration will radiate.

We have created a unique aesthetic through the abstract interpretation of the flight journey. Through the combination of streamlined light strips and strong visual themes, visitors are immersed in the retail journey of the entire space. The “bubble” pattern that symbolizes dreams runs through the entire design, including the characteristic LED halo hanging over the atrium, ceilings, floor decoration patterns, and bubble display windows in the children’s bathrooms.

Based on the five aspects of sustainability — land, energy, water, materials and indoor environment — the project adopted green energy-saving measures such as roof greening, water-saving appliances, water-saving irrigation, energy-saving elevator equipment, rainwater recycling, etc. to meet the national two-star green building standard.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor experience, we have created a series of nodal points inside the mall and along the retail street, including the sky deck, courtyard, leisure gardens that will host many different events. It brings to customers a new experience horizon, no matter whether indoor or outdoor facing the promenade, they can still see and enjoy the vibrancy of the entire space.

Huafa Jinwan Mall has won 2 prestigious international architectural design awards including the “2019 Best Retail Development in Asia” and “2019 Best Retail Development Mainland China” under the Asia Property Guru Award. The construction has shown that the Jinwan Huafa Commercial City Center project is not only an energy-saving and green building, but also a hub of commerce, culture and entertainment in the Jinwan District and Zhuhai West District in the future, as well as a destination for leisure and vacation. Source by Benoy.

  • Location: Zhuhai, China
  • Architect: Benoy
  • Project Director: Teri Tsang
  • Design Team: Karen Pang, Jason Hui, Jackie Wong, Kelly Wong, Leevan Huang
  • Client: Huafa Group
  • Total GFA of the whole development: 116,880.92 sqm
  • Total Development Land Area: 58,483.24 sqm
  • Upper ground GFA: 67,618.37 sqm
  • Lower ground GFA: 49,262.55 sqm
  • Year: 2021
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Benoy