Nansha Kingboard Plaza by Aedas wins Beijing Design Awards 2021

Nansha Kingboard Plaza

Nansha Kingboard Plaza designed by Global Design Principal Ken Wai and Executive Director Wei Li, wins the Merit Award for Architecture under the Mixed-Use Category at the 4th annual AIA Shanghai/Beijing Design Excellence Awards Program.

Nansha Kingboard Plaza is located in Jiaomen, the central area of Nansha Free Trade Zone and a future transportation hubs in Nansha. The design breaks up the building mass to form a zigzag layout which precludes blocking between the towers, maximising view and natural light intake.

Inspired by the forceful character of the mountains in South Guangdong, the volumes are stacked and rotated in sections, rendering an image of a classic ink painting scroll. From incorporating a series of green terraces, decks and water features, the landscape design also celebrates Nansha’s waterfront culture and provides abundant public green space for the residents.

While providing high-quality live-work experience, the building can demonstrate Lingnan’s unique character and stand as the landmark of the city. Source and photos Courtesy of Aedas.