Makr Shakr to be first Robotic Bartender at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Makr Shakr

Makr Shakr, the world’s leading manufacturer of robotic bartenders, announces the installation of two drink-mixing units at Singapore’s Changi Airport, one of the world’s highest-rated airports. This represents the first time robotic cocktail makers are available at an airport, and Makr Shakr’s first machines permanently deployed in Asia.

Customers can embark on a new tasting experience through Toni, the most advanced model of drink-mixing robot. The opening is powered by Lotte Corporation and is scheduled for late 2022. The robotic units will be entirely customized and defined by a unique design in collaboration with Lotte. They will welcome passengers at the company’s duty free shops at terminals 2 and 3, giving them a taste of the stores’ spirits for free.

Upon entering the robotic bar, customers will first receive a QR code to redeem the complimentary drink. With the help of Toni, they can create a unique beverage from an infinite amount of possible recipes, and enjoy the whimsical choreography of the machine. Not just a treat to the palate, the cocktail made by Makr Shakr will also allow individuals to discover new bottles from across the world, thus contributing to the overall shopping experience.

Visited by almost 70 million passengers per year before the pandemic, Changi was chosen to be the best airport in the world for eight consecutive years. Makr Shakr is the latest addition to a wide array of facilities there, including the world’s highest indoor waterfall, the Changi experience studio, the Butterfly Garden and a myriad of art installations.

Combining the finest Italian craftsmanship with high-end technology and elegant finishes, Toni the robotic bartender features two mechanical arms that can perform sophisticated movements like shaking, stirring, and muddling. This allows it to mix any drink in seconds with more than 150 different bottles hanging from the ceiling of the bar structure.

“We are really proud to bring our technology to Changi Airport,” says Emanuele Rossetti, CEO of Makr Shakr. “Consumers will have the opportunity to be active participants of the entire experience, becoming – thanks to the Makr Shakr app – mixologists themselves. Not only will they leave the bar with a drink or two, but also a lasting memory!” Source and images Courtesy of Makr Shakr.