Town Center at The Preserve by KTGY

Town Center at The Preserve

KTGY has unveiled innovative designs for Town Center at The Preserve, the new retail and office center coming to Chino, in California’s western San Bernardino County. Developed by Lewis Retail Centers, the modernized Main Street district is in the heart of the residential neighborhoods of The Preserve at Chino.

KTGY’s plan uniquely combines vibrant Main Street retail – including an active street front, vertical mixed-use units and places for gatherings and events – with modern, suburban-style parking and access directly facing the residential community. The result is a hybrid town center and neighborhood that is walkable and attractive to residents, visitors and businesses. It is at Main Street and Pine Avenue in Chino. Total building square footage is 146,830.

Town Center at The Preserve includes some of the essential components of downtown mixed-use streets:

  • Active retail frontage.
  • Vertical mixed-use spaces on upper floors facing Main Street.
  • Second-level office spaces above the Main Street retail.
  • Street furniture such as planter boxes and pedestrian benches.
  • Multiple areas for events such as outdoor movies.
  • A range other outdoor amenities, include shade structures, cabanas, firepits, and al-fresco lounges.
  • Angled parking and bulb-out corners for traffic calming and pedestrian zones.
  • Raised “table top” crosswalks for convenient and safe pedestrian crossing without the need for ramps.
  • Iconic “MAIN STREET” sculpture creates a sense of arrival and departure and an “Instagram moment.”
  • Individual plazas provide different design features – including raised planters with seat wall, benches, soft lounge seating, and shade structures.
  • There are no walled boundaries between retail and residential components, permitting cohesive and harmonious environments for the whole project.

One of the plazas connects to the dog park in the adjacent residential neighborhood, bringing residents and shoppers together. Other innovations include bi-fold garage doors incorporated into the larger restaurant facades that connect indoor dining with outdoor plazas.
Among the most intriguing solutions was to move the primary retail entries to the rear, facing larger surface parking, while keeping Main Street frontage active with amenities.

There are permeable walkways at the mid-block and corners, so that pedestrian circulation is active. Other innovations include incorporating broad walls into one of facades for outdoor movies. The 146,830 square feet of retail and mixed-use is rendered in a mixture of laser-cut metal panels, natural stone, wood-look tiles and stucco. Source and images Courtesy of KTGY.