Byens Hus by AART

Byens Hus

In close proximity to Asger Jorn Square and one of Amager Nature Park’s upcoming main entrances, Byens Hus – together with a daycare facility and residential building – will make up the heart of Ørestad South.

It will become a place where new possibilities arise as various functions are concentrated and put alongside each other while also being closely connected to the public urban space. The overall goal is to create a place that in addition to functioning as a community house will also become a modern, diverse cultural centre for the entire district.

A terraced cityscape
Byens Hus is based on the idea of creating a terraced city. The result is a building that rises up from the city floor as a vertical interpretation of life in the city; a building that, with its many terraces and staggered facade, appears varied and vibrant at all levels, from top to bottom.

Brick is also used as the primary facade material, which helps create a look that resonates with its location and the idea of a structural design defined by its surroundings. Source by AART.

  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Architect: AART
  • Developer: CPH City & Port Development
  • Real estate developer: KPC
  • Size: 11,400 m2
  • Status: In progress
  • Images: Courtesy of Byens Hus by AART