Fuglsang Allé by AART

Fuglsang Allé

Just a few kilometers from the city center of Herning, the idyllic Fuglsang Lake lies, seeped in green, natural surroundings. Here, 289 houses will grow forth with the vision of opening the area to a larger group of people who wish to live close to the city and nature.

Founded on the UN’s sustainability goals and an evidence-based approach to architecture, Fuglsang Allé will not just be built in a sustainable way. They will inspire the residents to establish active communities and make choices with the environment in mind, as well as creating more space for families with children.

Built on sustainable solutions
The vision behind Fuglsang Allé is built the residences to that they support the UN’s sustainability goals and shows how the residential developments of the future can contribute to the greatest sustainable impact – socially, economically, and environmentally. Here, architecture has a vital role in visualizing and making it easy for the residents to for example take the bike instead of the car by creating space for bikes or repairing instead of buying new by establishing common workshops throughout the district.

Fostering neighborliness and community
Beside the 289 new residences, we are adding a district house, a winter swimmers club, and many new and smaller community areas to the district – and thus create breeding ground for a budding and active neighborhood and community, where residents can practice everything from yoga to growing vegetables. Studies show that good relations to one’s neighbors cultivates trust and a feeling of safety and boosts the residents’ health in general.

Connects the green with the blue
Nature plays a key role in the development of Fuglsang Allé. Here, the blue of the lake is pulled in between the buildings with water reservoirs, which can help prevent floodings, as well as providing spaces where children can play and adults can enjoy the ever-changing landscape. All while, the green permeates the entire area through orangeries, community gardens, and plenty of greenery.

Lifts data into city development
To create a positive impact on the city development, we have collaborated with the consultancy firm DATIC to gather knowledge about the municipality’s demography and moving patterns. We have thus utilized this knowledge in the design of Fuglsang Allé with the vision of transforming the district into an attractive alternative to the typical single-family houses, and in this way, we can create space for new and more people – to the benefit of the residents and the city. Source by AART.

  • Location: Herning, Denmark
  • Architect: AART
  • Developer: Fink Ejendomme
  • Status: Under development
  • Size: 33,465 sqm
  • Year: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of AART