Ice Bridge by Studio Beltrame

Ice Bridge

It is a euro-blue matte coated steel structure, reminding of the European union flag as a metaphor for bringing people together while celebrating the unique geographical location of Tarvisio, between the three borders of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

Tarvisio is a growing ski destination in the Italian Alps and the bridge stands on a key location connecting the ski slopes and the village. The structure covers an overhang radius of 10 meters. In winter, taking advantage of the cold temperature and humidity from the river passing under, the bridge can serve as an ice-skating rink.

Vapor sprinklers will be utilized when the weather conditions won’t suffice. A metal mesh goes around the circle to guarantee the regular circulation for pedestrians. In summer, the rink with soft tartan top finish can host group activities such as yoga and meditation, as well as children playing or gatherings for events.

The goal was to design a place rather than a passage, a small and suspended “piazza” between the village and the ski slopes, where to slow down for a conversation, to breathe and to look at the surrounding mountains. Source by Studio Beltrame.