Kjellander Sjöberg architects launch London practice

Kjellander Sjöberg architects

After several years of active participation in the capital’s development, we are very happy to announce that we are launching our London practice. Recognized and awarded for outstanding architecture and urbanism, we aim to bring the best of Scandinavian innovation,

The Kjellander Sjöberg London practice will be headed by Stefan Sjöberg, Founding Partner of Kjellander Sjöberg and London Director, providing continuity, creativity, and experience across our Scandinavian and UK practices. Kjellander Sjöberg are a diverse community of fifty architects, engineers, planners, and urban thinkers with exceptional talents.

Experts in delivering creative masterplans and architecture, we participate in the innovative urban discourse of three vibrant cities where we have studios: Stockholm, Malmö and now London. These places champion the future of liveable environments and good-growth development; places that allow us to drive new thinking to support thriving communities based on quality of life, social equity, and resilient sustainable models.

We are very pleased to be working closely with Periscope in shared Dalston studios to collaborate on urban design, public realm strategies, spatial narratives, and architectural design. We have also successfully fashioned bespoke teams comprising leading UK practices to bring specialist expertise to large scale projects; we find the combination of Swedish and UK designers is a major asset allowing us to combine the best experiences of both creative cultures.

As Kjellander Sjöberg we bring a different voice to the discourse – we approach the UK context afresh and without pre-conceptions to develop new and relevant approaches from first principles. The establishment of our London practice comes at an exciting and dynamic moment post pandemic, where a new focus on urban quality and the revitalization of the public realm, streets and parks is emerging, with an initiative to reimagine a city for all.

At Kjellander Sjöberg we focus on making rich, inspiring, and authentic places with a clear identity and a positive social impact. Our interventions are acutely rooted in contextual sensitivity and actively shaped by positive community engagement. We approach architecture and creative masterplans in a very granular way to realize places and spaces that are meaningful, relatable, and enjoyed at human scale. Source and images Courtesy of Kjellander Sjöberg architects.