Architectural Association launches AA in Habitation

Momentum of Light

The Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture is proud to present AA in Habitation, a new residency within the former Habitat showrooms in the Heal’s Building on Tottenham Court Road, a short walk from the AA’s permanent home on nearby Bedford Square. The residency will operate as an event space which will play host to a series of dynamic exhibitions, juries, workshops and activities, realising an ambitious programme across two floors.

AA in Habitation aims to showcase the academic work of students across all levels of the school and to share the broad cultural agenda of the AA comprised of talks, lectures, symposia and publications with a wider audience. Until June 2022, AA in Habitation will present a continual programme of events and performances, many of which are open to the public by appointment.

Momentum of Light – an exhibition by Iwan Baan and Francis Kéré
Until Saturday 11 June 2022, AA in Habitation will host Momentum of Light, an exhibition which explores the interplay between natural sunlight, vernacular architecture and everyday life in the West African nation of Burkina Faso.

The show presents a series of images captured by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan during his travels with Burkinabè architect Francis Kéré through Burkina Faso in March 2020, during which they visited communal compounds in Gando and Pouni, the main mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso and the decorated houses of Tiébélé. Baan’s photographs capture the stark qualities of light in sub-Saharan Africa and how it passes through traditional Burkinabe building typologies, shaping daily routines and ways of life.

The images collectively articulate a sensitive study of light, space, place and use whilst emphasising the complex and reciprocal relationships between people, architecture and environmental conditions. Presented as part of the AA in Habitation residency at Heal’s, Momentum of Light frames the importance of environment in our experience of space.

Learning from the innovative forms and variety of textures across the structures and spaces in question, as well as the tectonic qualities of sunlight, this set of photographs encourages us to design light and its effects on space as part of the architectural experience. Source and photos Courtesy of Architectural Association School of Architecture.