Gelid House by Bobe and Omlight

Gelid House

Designing digital concepts that could help us to better understand what approach we could have in many different scenarios, maintaining an aesthetic and beautiful design.

The Gelid House is set in a cold desert environment, where the main inspiration came from the gentle curves in the snow caused by the cold wind.

Divided into two main volumes, the project is conceived as a concept of what a house could look like in this type of environment, despite its defined vertical and horizontal shapes.

Pure forms that maintaining the curves throughout the entire design and being able to observe them in the walls, ceilings, and windows. Source by Bobe and Omlight.

  • Location: Metaverse
  • Architect: Bobe and Omlight
  • Principal architect: Roberto Miranda & Oscar Miranda
  • Landscape: Roberto Miranda
  • Lighting: Oscar Miranda
  • Tools used: Rhinoceros 7, Twinmotion, Lightroom
  • Design year: 2022
  • Images: Roberto Miranda & Oscar Miranda, Courtesy of Omlight