Le Safran Housing by ALTA


The site of the ZAC Coeur de Poulfanc in Séné presents an exceptional quality of landscape. Its gentle topography (seen to the right of our site) and its woodland framing make it a very characterful site. These elements are highlighted by the architecture and volumetry of the buildings.

The design and conception of the project is based on an initial idea postulated as a statement: “Above all else, not to work against the existing landscape by enforcing on it a residential model, but to propose a development of the built environment that is in keeping with the natural qualities of the site.

We worked on a “landscaped” project in consultation with the urban requirements of the ZAC. Leaning heavily on the physical presence of the site, it was essential to respect the geographical situation in which our project is to be inserted. This is achieved by the careful choice of simple and durable materials (low maintenance), resulting in a quality and long-lasting architecture.

The rainwater management system contributing to keeping the building elevations in good condition. We have sought to limit the blocking impact of the elevations in favor of depth, porosity and developed views revealing the sites interior. This method permits the articulation and development of public spaces, in particular the “Coulée Verte” and the urban alleys within the heart of the plot.

This gives us control over the smooth transition between the public and private spaces. The organization of the buildings ground floors around a system of ‘crossing halls’ ensures a visual continuity between the heart of the site and the promenade or street view.

In general terms our aim is to optimize the orientation of the dwellings and their relationship with the views of both the urban and natural and landscapes. We sought a global orientation which would allow all the dwellings to profit from a ‘view’ while at the same time minimizing the impact on the surrounding landscape and achieving a certain harmony with the neighbouring buildings.

Each of our building faces towards the landscaped heart of the plot which is densely planted to provide a coherent link with the natural environment. The porosity and visual blocking of the buildings facilitates the creation of a welcoming relationship between the sites heart and the outside spaces.

All of the apartments have an orientation to either the south, west or east and a number have views in two or more of these directions, principally the larger apartments. This arrangement permits an appreciation of the views, far and near, of the surrounding countryside. Source by ALTA.

  • Location: Séné, France
  • Architect: ALTA
  • Elevators: ORONA
  • VMC Heating Plumbing: HEMERY
  • Electricity: DC ENERGIE – LEPAGE
  • Client: Crédit Agricole Immobilier – Bretagne Habitat Sud
  • Surface: 3 148 m2
  • Year: 2020
  • Photographs: Gaetan Chevrier, Courtesy of ALTA