Longgang International Art Centre by 10 Design

Longgang International Art Centre

The Longgang International Art Centre in Shenzhen is a design proposal that aims to create a new art and performance venue that blends within the civic and cultural quarter in the heart of the city. The building was designed to promote international cultural exchange, positioning Shenzhen into a global reference for art and culture.

The 120,000sqm development considers large-scale venue spaces such as a 1600-seat theatre, a 600-seat auditorium and a smaller 300-seat theatre to accommodate theatrical, dance and music performances.

Additional amenities comprise of exhibition areas and multi-purpose halls for educational purposes and artistic activities. The scheme is proposed to create an iconic landmark within the urban context of Shenzhen, reflecting the digital nature of the surrounding ‘Tech City’ district.

Design Partner, Nick Cordingley, comments: “The concept behind the design was inspired by the Manao jewel stone, a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. The rich colour and texture layers of Manao have positive Fengshui meaning and represent beauty, strength, and balance. The design is driven by the idea to create an iconic shape that stands out from the urban context of the city, creating a large-scale Manao jewel that sits atop the Golden Hill.”

Associate Partner, Jason Easter, says: “The Longgang International Art Centre proposal aims to celebrate the existing landscape of the site while integrating a new digital experience through the provision of art and education spaces. External pedestrian walkways surround the building and provide views towards park. The elevated circulation of the park is extended into the auditoriums’ foyer areas, providing simplicity of movement between the park and the venues.”

The main art spaces are located at the top of each building, around a new sky garden space that provides views across the city and lush Golden Hill Park. The new design scheme was designed to create a unified vision for the new international art centre. Source by 10 Design.

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Architect: 10 Design
  • Design Partner: Nick Cordingley
  • Project Partner: Jason Easter
  • Design Team: Shuo Zhang, Cat Zhang, Shuyu Chen, Christie Yeung, Hallen Deng, Jason Song, Yulia Karnaukhova, William Li
  • Site Area: 40,000sqm
  • GFA: 120,000sqm
  • Status: Design Completion 2021
  • Images: Luxigon and Frontop, Courtesy of 10 Design