Break Ground of Zoomlion Headquarters by HENN

Zoomlion Headquarters

The HENN-designed Zoomlion Headquarters is the heart of the new Smart Industry City, scheduled for completion in 2023. The new industrial park will drive innovation in the field of construction engineering and usher in a new era of intelligent, digital and green construction.

The 309,000m² Zoomlion Headquarters will house offices, the Zoomlion Museum, a data center, a canteen, training and research areas, and sports facilities. HENN’s geometric design balances the client’s production needs with a sensitivity to its rural context; the Headquarters blends into the hilly and densely wooded Changsha green-corridor.

Made from white concrete, the classic architectural plinth becomes a faceted landscape of walkable green slopes and staircases. This new ground plane traverses an irregularly sloped site and spans a busy motorway to create seamless connections between the north and south sides of the site.

The angular main building is wrapped in transparent floor-to-ceiling glass and cantilevers twelve meters over the site, appearing to float above the folded stone landscape. The Headquarters’ interior is spacious and brightly lit; its Z-shaped atrium serves as both an exhibition space and a gathering space for employees.

The depth and patterning of the coffered ceiling is informed by intensive solar analysis and echoes the design’s angular geometry. The Zoomlion Headquarters is a notable addition to HENN’s portfolio of iconic company headquarters including Osram HQ, Google Office and Zalando Campus, which will be completed later this year.

HENN’s Beijing office is also overseeing the upcoming completion of Westlake University in Hangzhou and the IHM Innovation Center in Guangzhou. Source by HENN.

  • Location: Changsha, China
  • Architect: HENN
  • Partner in Charge: Georg Pichler
  • Design Director: Klaus Ransmayr
  • Project Directors: Xuan Wu and Hua Quiao
  • Project Team: Jiaying Fan, Xiaojing Lin, Jingyi Zhou, Ping Chen, Marcin Kropidlo, Leticia Duque Llerandi, Sam Weston, Oliver Franke, Tongyu Wu, Yunan Duan, Quang Le, Mostafa Seleem, Hongming Zhang, Ibrahim Saad, Tongtong Gong, Ona Forss, Leander Adrian, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Jovan Topalovic, Lei Xu, Oliver Koch, Emiliano Lupo, Andre Serpa, Wanyi Zhang, Sean Hajdu, Rachna Kotari, Nemanja Crnobrnja, Errikos Ioannidis
  • Planning Partner: China Construction Design International (CCDI)
  • Client: Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Program: Offices, Zoomlion Museum, Data Center, Canteen, Sports Fields, Training Areas, Research Areas
  • Area GFA: 309,421 m2
  • Year: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of HENN