Café Teri by NAMELESS Architecture

Café Teri

The site is located below the eastern foot of Gyeryongsan Mountain in Daejeon, South Korea. Adjacent to the site where the mountains and plains meet, the entrance to the old trail is located. The new building starts from the topography of the trail from the village to the mountain.

In this place, two buildings are arranged facing each other around the central courtyard. The two buildings are slightly shifted apart and the walls of the building flow down into the yard. The artificial valley, where the distinction between the wall and the floor is blurred, creates a dynamic flow towards the forest.

The fluid wall is continuous not only in the yard but also in the interior space, connecting the inside and outside scenery through a stepped space. The uplifted terrain in the backyard forms a static spatiality. The inside and outside of the building become a place for people who come and go through the forest to rest and enjoy food.

The concrete bricks used to construct the architectural topography emphasize the continuity of the flowing space. On the other hand, the façade wall made of rough broken bricks creates a difference of boundaries through the change of light, shadow, and time. Source by NAMELESS Architecture.