Wuhan SUNAC 1890 by Aedas recognised at the 2022 MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Project Award

Wuhan SUNAC 1890

Designed by Aedas Global Design Principal Kevin Wang, Wuhan SUNAC 1890 is recently awarded under the New and Old category at the MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Project Awards this year.

Located in Hanyang, Wuhan, the Hanyang Iron Works is one of the most influential industrial heritages in China. With the intention to restore and revive the development, Aedas has conceived a meticulous plan to transform it into Sunac•Wuhan 1890—a complex that gathers creative communities and businesses.

The design preserves the historical characteristics and the existing elements of the building, while carrying out restoration and reconstruction. New functions, such as public spaces, commercial and retail elements are introduced to create a self-contained ecosystem where work-life-entertainment intersect.

By combining industrial culture with contemporary art, Sunac 1890 is slated to become a new social leisure destination. This urban regeneration project will be completed in 2025. Source and images Courtesy of Aedas.