Wow Fund by Airbnb $10 million to support for extravagant dwelling idea

Wow Fund

Airbnb launches the Wow Fund, $10 million to support those who have an extravagant dwelling idea they want to implement. Maybe not the ones listed above, which are already realities, such as Idaho’s Big Potato Hotel, which cost something over $30,000 and earned about $200,000, becoming one of the platform’s most popular accommodations-we emphasize that potatoes in Idaho are almost a religion.

This initiative, Airbnb explains, came about as a response to travelers’ search for unique lodging experiences. There is also a dedicated and very popular category on the rental platform, the “OMG category.” The criteria by which the submitted projects will be selected are originality, feasibility, balance between interior and exterior, and of course the sustainability. Applications are open until July 22. Source and photo via Airbnb.