Barkarbystaden blocks housing by Kaminsky Arkitektur


Järfälla municipality has appointed Riksbyggen and Storstaden Bostad as winners in the land allocation competitions for blocks 10 and 13 in Barkarbystaden. There has been great interest in the land designation competitions in Barkarbystaden. A total of 15 qualified competition entries were received. Kaminsky Arkitektur have designed this block of houses with our client Storstaden bostad.

I see the fact that so many qualified contributions have entered the land allocation competition as proof that Barkarby is one of the Stockholm region’s most interesting and expansive urban development projects. Together with experienced and innovative building operators, we create a sustainable, viable and experiential urban environment for the future where people, companies and organizations can grow, develop and feel good.

The two blocks, which together comprise 33,000 square meters of BTA for housing and center activities, are in an excellent location in Barkarbystaden and have great potential with the nature reserve around the junction, a newly built elementary school across the street and an urban environment with life, movement, future subway, restaurants, commerce and other service within walking distance.

Riksbyggen wins land allocation for block 10, a block of 15,500 square meters BTA. Here Riksbyggen is planning for 161 apartments and townhouses as well as premises on street level facing Majorstorget. Riksbyggen has a clear plan to certify the project according to NollCO2 and Miljöbyggna Gold.

The design is well balanced and varied, with a range of meeting places for residents both in the courtyard and on the roofs, while the proposal includes requested elements such as a wooden frame, plant wall and greenhouse on the roof. Construction is planned to start in the first quarter of 2024, with occupancy planned for the second quarter of 2026.

At Riksbyggen, we are very happy about the land reference. We are bringing with us our extensive knowledge of more sustainable housing construction with the goal of building Sweden’s first residential block where the apartment buildings are certified with NollCO2 and Miljöbyggnad Gold, says Peter Arvidsson Ekman, head of business development at Riksbyggen Bostad Stockholm & Gotland. Storstaden Bostad wins land reference for block 13, a block of 17,500 square meters BTA. Here, Storstaden Bostad is planning for 205 apartments and townhouses.

With the “Woodnt it be nice” grant, Storstaden Bostad will develop a wooden block with a strong architectural identity and high ambitions for both ecological and social sustainability with, among other things, meeting places for residents by the greenhouse, growing boxes and tool sheds on the roof and in the courtyard. The project is certified according to NollCO2 and Miljöbyggnad Silver

. Each part of the block has a careful and individual design, at the same time the block as a whole is experienced as cohesive and balanced. Construction is planned to start at the end of 2023 with first occupancy in 2025. Source by FASTIGHETS varlden and images Courtesy of Kaminsky Arkitektur.