Delgado Mausoleum by CAZA

Delgado Mausoleum

Currently under construction, this mausoleum offers a place of refuge and contemplation that takes the form of two self-supporting brick parabolic cones.

The cones are titled at different angles, creating a ring-shaped passage that loops around the main space. The passageway culminates in a double-arched entryway that opens onto a sanctuary overlooking the crypt.

The passageway invites mourners to circumambulate the crypt, offering a powerful ritual journey defined by the shifting spatial experience created by the tilted cones.

A pair of elliptical skylights top the cones, offering views of passing clouds through a weightless pair of curving brick planes. Source by CAZA.

  • Location: Manila, Philippines
  • Architect: CAZA
  • Project Team: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura Del Pino, Ignacio Revenga, Meng Huang, Yifeng Wang, Jin Yuan
  • AOR: Paolo Salang
  • Structural: Macro Consulting Structural Engineers
  • Electrical: ATM Engineering
  • Sanitary & Fire: JMRT Engineering
  • Mechanical: LRPA
  • Contractor: Excell
  • Size: 723 SQF
  • Expected Completion: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of CAZA