Blackbird by STIPFOLD

The project came about through an unfiltered process, withut any external impositions. It is by far the company’s most well-known … More


Verpon by Stipfold

An open-plan interior of the duplex is imbued with an air of tranquility. The monotone sequences, the low-profile furniture, and … More


Vissur by STIPFOLD

The residential building design demonstrates a meticulous focus on integrating green spaces and recreational areas throughout an entire structure; mid … More


Nodelic by STIPFOLD

This modern apartment building resides in an old part of Batumi. Unobtrusive design and brick exterior is comfortably integrated into … More


Slashback by STIPFOLD

The structure was realized through a bottom-up approach; Forms emerged after deciding how spaces with specific functionalities would be arranged … More