Publish on AASA

For an architect, a studio, a press office willing to publish a project on A As Architecture, we have created the following set of rules.

  1. Legal: You must be legally entitled to publish the project (be the author, be the owner of copyright, be an holder of the copyright/legal rights)
  2. You must include a free non exclusive authorization or exclusive authorization (it’s up to you) to A As Architecture to publish the project
  3. You must include the complete credits of the project and of the photographer/artist who created the images
  4. Pictures: Every project must be accompanied by professional quality pictures: minimum 2 pics for a single news. There is no maximum but in the average we can publish 5 to 20 pics on a single article
  5. The pictures must be JPEG, 1600px minimum width, RGB well defined (low compression, we will compress it) – for different sizes please inquire
  6.  Video:  any video will be published on one or more of the A As Architecture video channels, fully credited and linked where required. You must be able to grant that the video can be published and you hold all the rights for images, video, and audio/music included.
  7. Include a text describing the project
  8. Include a bio of the architect/studio, so we can know you better
  9. If you have published with us before, we would like to have an update of your bio from time to time
  10. No amount of money is due by A As Architecture for having published a project for any period of time. Any submission to A As Architecture must be considered free of charge at any time and for any reason

Given the huge amount of work that we do, we can only allow, if required from the beginning, a single review to correct expressions or picture. On the other hand, errors can be corrected right away.

WE RESERVE the right to publish any project. Please remember that we get hundreds of project every week, so out selection bar is pretty high and the publication is also related on the quality of the material you submit.

Before sending in you project, take some time to see what we have published in your field and if your project has the same level of press material.

We trust our sources, but if we may recieve and publish material that you think should not be published with us, just contact us and will try to sort it out right away.

To publish on A As Architecture, please use our contact us page.