Unidisplay by Carsten Nicolai
True to his research focusing on the intersection of image, sound and architecture, CarstenNicolai recently found the perfect place for his art: a vast, empty hall in Milan’s Hangar Bicocca.

The German artist’s Unidisplayinstallation is a monumental 41m-long video projection that showcases his signature minimal aesthetics on a black background.
Unidisplay by Carsten Nicolai
Like in his other works, image and sound work together in creating an abstract landscape that surrounds visitors, trying to bring them closer to the infinite.
The piece will be on show until 2 December, with a special performance by the artist on 29 November.
Unidisplay by Carsten NicolaiUnidisplay by Carsten Nicolai

Unidisplay by Carsten Nicolai
Unidisplay by Carsten Nicolai
Location: Via Privata Chiese 2, Milan – Italy
Photo: Agostino Osio, courtesy Fondazione HangarBicocca, Milan.

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